Rules and Pricing


Daily fishing - daylight hours 15.00 (these hours will be displayed on entry to the lakes)
24 hour fishing 25.00.

Landing nets and unhooking mats will be supplied by us. A deposit of 50 will be required. This will be returned when you leave. This is necessary as a precaution to look after our fish.


The fee allows one or two rods for that person only.
Rods to be attended at all times.

You are reminded that every angler over 12 years old is required to hold a licence. Bailiffs check regularly.

ALL litter and waste be be removed when you leave.

  • All nets to be dipped
  • No fish to be taken or killed
  • No keep nets
  • No carp sacks
  • Carp Care Kit
  • Barbless hooks only. We will be asking you to pull your rigs in to check. No micro barb either. If you have micro barb or barbed hooks you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back.
  • No Nuts
  • No towels - large unhooking mats only
  • Large fish to be removed from water with knotless landing nets
  • Fish to be quickly and carefully returned to water
  • Minimum of 2 swims in between fisherman unless group fishing.
  • No dogs, no radios etc.
  • All children to be closely supervised
  • No fires.